Healthier.Happier Workplaces

How can you help look after your most valuable asset - your staff?

Healthier. Happier. Workplaces provides a range of programs and services to assist Queensland workplaces implement a health and wellbeing program. These include:

  • Healthy Workers Initiative
  • Workplace Health & Wellbeing Workshops
  • Get Healthy Information & Coaching Service
  • 5 Steps to Workplace Wellness
  • Workplace Quit Smoking Program
  • Recognition Scheme
  • 10,000 Steps Workplaces Program
  • Healthy Unfit

    Landscapers - Healthy or Not so Healthy?

    Landscaping falls under the construction sector and accordingly has been recognised as a high-risk industry in terms of the health and wellbeing of its workers.


    This is largely due to a number of factors including being a male dominated industry, long hours, project based work and a transient workforce.


    If you would like to see higher productivity for your business, less absenteeism, less accidents and injuries and generally support the wellbeing of your staff then implementing the Healthier. Happier. Workplaces program in your business will help you achieve just that

  • Healthy Food & Lady

    Time for Change

    Most people know what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and healthy foods however habits are hard to break.


    Did you realise though that if you can support your workers in striving to achieve a more healthy lifestyle you can contribute to positive team relationships, increase productivity and profitability, reduce absenteeism and staff turnover as well as reduce workers' compensation claims?


    Change is not easy though and Landscape Queensland has resources available to get you started on the road to better staff wellbeing overall, including mental health.

  • Healthy Food

    Get Started Now!

    There are lots of resources and ideas available to assist you support and encourage your employees to make positive change - try these:-

    • Provide employees with information about healthy food choices
    • Develop a healthy food and drink workplace policy including a healthy catering policy
    • Encourage employees to talk to their doctor and/or an accredited practising dietician about their weight
    • Encourage employees to use the FREE Qld Government's Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service
    • Consider your business taking part in the 10,000 Steps Challenge
    • Initiate a Workplace Quit Smoking campaign for your business

    There's lots of smartphone apps which can be used to help you along the road to better health try


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    Workplace Wellness Program Edition 1 - Introduction to the Program

    If you missed reading your copy of Edition 1 you can view again here

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    Industry Statement

    As the peak body for the Landscape Industry in Queensland, we believe it is vital that the health and wellbeing of all participants in this industry is addressed.

  • Landscape Queensland is working with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland on a Healthy Workers Initiative as part of the Queensland Government's Healthier.Happier.Workplaces.Initiative.


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