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  • 2018 NATSPEC Worksection Review - Landscaping Industry

    Thanks for your interest in being involved with the landscape worksections review for the NATSPEC October 2018 update. The worksections currently being reviewed are below –  you may review some or all of them.


    Please send through your comments by Friday 8th June 2018.


    A comments form is also below, or if you prefer, simply email your comments or send through electronic or scanned written comments to


    Reviewing information
    Worksections contain ‘hidden text' that serve as Guidance for the specification writer and does not become part of the contract documents. It is the boxed green text and is turned off or deleted prior to issue of the completed specification.

    Text which is blue with a grey background is Optional style text, covering items specified less frequently and can be incorporated into the text if the specifier wishes.


    0241 Landscape - Walling & Edging

    0243 Landscape - Water Features

    0251 Landscape - Soils

    0253 Landscape - Planting

    0254 Landscape - Irrigation

    0256 Landscape - Establishment

    0259 Landscape - Maintenance

    0261 Landscape - Furniture & Fixtures

    NATSPEC Comment Form

  • Education & Training Committee - Expressions of Interest & CSQ Industry Survey

    Employees are a valuable asset to any business - skilled workers are vital to your business success and that of our industry as a whole. With this in mind LQ members are invited to express their interest in being involved in an Industry Education & Training Committee.


    The purpose and role of this committee is broad and ongoing and will include the identification and recommendation of industry priorities in the training and skilling of our current industry workforce, an industry review of the current relevant training packages, the development of an industry/schools partnership template which may include strategies for the promotion of landscape as a genuine career option for students and the assessment of the viability and value of programs such as  landscape industry schools of excellence.


    Members from all sectors of the industry are welcome to contribute to this committee. The specific structure and operating format of the committee will be determined after expressions of interest have been received. It is envisaged that the committee’s recommendations will be formed after consultation with members and with the input of external advisors as required. All recommendations will be considered by the LQ Board and will include implementation strategies, goals and timelines.


    If you would like to be involved in this important industry project, please email our office with your contact details and provide a short summary stating how you can contribute and any relevant background information that may assist us in the formation of this committee.


    To express your interest or to seek further information please email or phone the LQ office on 1300 883 966



    Landscape Queensland in conjunction with CSQ is offering members the opportunity to provide feedback on training needs for your business (and therefore our industry) via completion of the CSQ Annual Industry Survey.

    Members may also like to peruse the CSQ 2017-18 Annual Training Plan focus group presentation slides and meeting summary.

  • Qld Building Plan Submission - Landscape Industry - February 2017

    Landscape Queensland made a submission to the Minister for Housing & Public Works in response to proposed changes affecting our industry in the Queensland Building Plan. Members were also encouraged to respond to the changes either to the LQ office or directly via an on-line platform.


      Submission Qld Building Plan

  • Skills Needs Analysis: Australian Landscaping Industry

    From November 2011. To read the report please click the button below Click Here

  • Lifestyle Horticulture Survey Report

    From July 2011. To read the report please click the button below Click Here

Modern Award Review Questionnaire

   December 2013. Modern Award Review Questionnaire - view and print here

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