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Under the Landscape Queensland arrangement, your company will be entitled to a discount of 2.5 cents per litre off the pump price at any Caltex site in Australia on the following fuels:

  • Unleaded Petrol
  • Vortex 95 Premium Unleaded
  • E10
  • Diesel
  • Vortex Diesel


LPG attracts a discount of 1c per litre. All other products and services will be charged at the merchant's sale price at the time of transaction. Please note: there is a transaction fee of 38c on all transactions.


Billing and Payment

All transactions will appear on a monthly statement. All Caltex accounts are paid via direct debit 21 days after the end of the month - this means you have up to 51 days interest free credit.


StarCard Online

You can manage your Caltex account online, including ordering new cards, viewing transactions, applying card transaction limits, restricting fuel types, running fleet reports and viewing invoices. Click here for an online tutorial on the benefits of this great tool.


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