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Masula Compliance

Masula Compliance has prepared two tailored suites of compliance documents designed to help members meet their work health and safety (WHS) and human resource (HR) management compliance obligations at preferred member pricing. This enables members to not only meet their legal obligations but also to put in place and continually improve leading operating practices at a fraction of the going industry rate.


Contact the LQ office on or 1300 883 966 for a detailed list of all inclusions in the pack.


In addition they will offer free ongoing professional support to the member either by email, phone or face to face at Masula Compliance's Brisbane based premises. For those members requiring a more tailored solution, working at the higher end of the commercial sector a 10% reduction of standard fees will apply for additional Masula Compliance services.


Masula Compliance can also provide support in workers’ compensation claims management, environmental management and quality assurance for Landscape Queensland members. To learn more about Masula Compliance’s support services visit their website –

Here's a recent experience from one of our members regarding their WHS obligations...

"Our approach to work place health and safety had traditionally been to use our common sense in day to day work practices and conform with the minimum that was required by law. With the recent
introduction of the amended WHS laws and the offer of a free information night from Landscape
Queensland partner Masula Compliance, we decided it was time to look at our approach more seriously.

Like many contractors I’m sure, we had our reservations about the cost to our business and the time it would take to implement the required changes. We have a staff of 12, and for our business I estimate it took me just one day of my own time, plus two days of a dedicated staff member, and around $3,000.00 in costs. There were the expected jokes and rolling of eyes when we first started making changes, but talking to staff now it is genuinely appreciated that we talk about safety regularly and consider their safety at work a serious issue. It is also a comforting feeling as an employer to know that if there is ever an incident at work then you have done what can reasonably be expected to have avoided that happening.

The documentation can be daunting when read in isolation, but in consultation with Masula Compliance it can be modified to suit individual workplaces (as we have done), so that it does not become a burden. I would recommend it to all Landscape Queensland members who haven’t already done so".

Brett Oakley
Park Lane Landscapes


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